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Nanoleaf Elements wood finish panels offer a new look for smart lighting

Nanoleaf, the leader in smart lighting décor, has introduced an innovative new product –Elements – which include hexagonal wood-look panels to offers a whole approach to smart lighting.

The Nanoleaf Elements panels have a wood-grain finish and texture to give users new options to introduce the lights in their homes.

And they look good whether they’re on or off.

The geometric shapes can be organised in any number of shapes and designs with the seven panels that come in the pack.

Nanoleaf also sells expansion packs which contain three additional panels so you can create even larger arrangements.

Like all of the previous Nanoleaf light panels, Elements are really easy to put together.

The rear of the panels have a removable clip with double-sided tape so they can stick to the wall.

But if you need to remove a panel – it can be popped off the clip which is still stuck to the wall. And then it can be returned to its position on the wall.

This makes setting them up even easier.

There are also small clips which connect the panels together and allows them to all be powered together.

Once you’ve decided on the layout of the panels and put them on the wall – that’s when the fun begins.

Users can easily set the panels up and link them to their wi-fi using the Nanoleaf app which steps you through the process.

And if you’re an iPhone user, the Nanoleaf Elements can also be added to HomeKit which makes them controllable through not only with your phone but also with your voice with Siri.

You can also include the Nanoleaf Elements panels into your smart home routines like having them turn on when you get home and turn them off when you go to bed.

Once connected you have so many options to personalise your lighting – the look, the colour and the brightness.

They offer a soft glow that can really change your space and provide the right atmosphere whether you’re relaxing, working or reading.

There are cool to warm white lighting options as well as 11 preset lighting modes that can replicate a fireplace or a calming waterfall so you can create the space in your home to relax and reset.

There is even a Circadian Rhythm feature which syncs the Elements panels light temperature with the natural sunlight to rebalance your body’s natural rhythms.

The app also lets you create your own scenes or find thousands which have been shared in the Nanoleaf community.

“Our goal is to allow our customers to bring the best parts of the natural elements indoors, creating those comforting experiences we all crave as human beings,” states Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

“As a technology company creating smart lighting decor, we aim to break the barrier between technology and design.

“Most smart products have been made to only focus on functionality and not how it fits into a home.

“We’re here to change that. Thoughtfully designed with aesthetics in mind, Nanoleaf Elements is the best of both worlds, working in harmony with one another to offer elegant design with personal smart customizations.”

The Nanoleaf Elements panels are available now and are priced at $429.99 (7 panel starter kit) and the Expansion Pack (3 panels) is $149.99.