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MYO lets you control your devices like a Jedi master


myo2A new product called MYO that instantly reacts to the electrical activity of your muscles can give you a Jedi-like power over your digital world.

The device is a small strap worn on your forearm than can interpret your muscle movements and allow you to control computers, phones and other digital products.

MYO makes it possible to control presentations, videos and games and browse the web, documents and other content literally with a wave of your arm or fingers.

And because MYO is reading the fine electrical impulses using proprietary sensors, even from the smallest muscle movements, it can register everything from the smallest finger gesture to the biggest arm action.

The MYO can read the electrical impulses from you arm to wirelessly control your digital devices

Apart from muscle activity, the device also incorporates motion sensing which to provide precision tracking in all directions.

MYO will work with Windows and Mac computers with plans to include Android and iOS devices in the near future.

MYO allows users to control presentations, videos, games and browse content with gestures

It is a one-size-fit-all device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the devices it is paired with.

MYO has already made its API (application programming interface) available to developers to allow them to create software that works with MYO’s impressive hardware and abilities.

MYO is available for pre-order now ahead of a late 2013 release

The device is available to pre-order now with a late 2013 delivery for $US149 plus $US10 shipping from

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