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The Motion Pillow can help you stop snoring – and save your relationship

Anyone who snores, or lives with someone who snores, knows it can be a serious issue. But now a product called the Motion Pillow can stop you snoring – and potentially save your relationship.

The Motion Pillow is a plug and play solution which includes a contour pillow and a small connected device that sits on the bedside table.

This small box can detect unique rhythmic snoring sounds and spring into action.

When the snoring sound is detected, it sends a signal to the pillow.

Inside the pillow is SPMS – Sleep Pressure Monitoring System – that can tell where your head is resting on the pillow.

When the snoring is detected and the head position on the pillow is established, one of the four airbags under the head inflates.

This is meant to gently reposition the snorer’s head with the aim of improving airflow and stopping the snoring.

Normally a partner offers a (sometimes not so gentle) nudge so the snorer can roll over and give them some peace and quiet.

The Motion Pillow can hopefully intervene before an elbow makes contact with the snorer’s ribs.

The bedside unit also collects data every night which users can then track on the Motion Pillow companion app so you can see if there is any improvement.

The Motion Pillow is available now on Amazon.