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Monitor your pulse wirelessly with myTrek


Scosche has released a heart-rate monitor which can wirelessly sync via Bluetooth with the iPhone and iPod Touch and give you real time pulse information as you exercise.

The myTrek is a lot more comfortable than a traditional heart-rate monitor as it is worn around your forearm instead of around your chest.

The device can also provide audio feedback as you are working out as well as route mapping and information like calories burned, distance, speed and pace.

Scosche’s myTrek has its own app and can help users monitor the intensity of their training to achieve their goals of performance, fitness and weight loss.

The Scosche myTrek Wireless Bluetooth Pulse Monitor

The myTrek armband connects to your iPod Touch or iPhone using Bluetooth and has dual LED integrated sensors to accurately monitor your heart rate on real time on your device’s screen as you are exercising.

Also on the armband are buttons to control your music to play, pause and go the previous and next track.

Once you’ve finished your training you can view a detailed summary of your of your workout to see your average pulse, calories burned along with distance, speed and pace of you are using an iPhone.

The myTrek’s route mapping also reveals not only path you travelled while you were exercising but also your pulse levels through the workout as well.

The Scosche myTrek app allows users to view training summaries and monitor their progress

And it can all be tracked using the app’s workout calendar so you track your progress and compare your training sessions.

And if you’re feeling really proud of yourself the app makes it easy to share your results on Facebook, Twitter and on email.

The Scosche myTrek Wireless Pulse Monitor is available from Apple Stores and is priced at $149.95.

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