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MGI’s AI Navigator GPS+ golf buggy has a four-inch touchscreen and GPS course mapping

MGI has released the AI Navigator GPS+ – new remote control golf buggy which now includes a full colour four-inch touch screen display and GPS course mapping.

The new buggy plus comes with a 24V 380Wh lithium battery which can last 36 holes before it needs a recharge.

Onboard the new buggy is a high-resolution four-inch colour all weather touchscreen display which is your gateway to more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

Thanks to the built in high-performance GPS system, golfers will be able to see accurate distances on every hole of the course.

Users will also be able to see more information on the complementary MGI app which includes maps and scoring.

The buggy also has Bluetooth so you can pair your phone and receive alerts including SMS, emails and even incoming calls on the four-inch screen.

The new buggy comes with MGI’s patented gyroscope straight-tracker technology which offers a sure-footed path across all types of terrain.

The AI navigator GPS+ has been redesigned with a centre-mounted battery which offers better balance and stability on the course.

The previous models had the battery mounted on the rear of the buggy.

On the front are independently swivelling wheels which also helps maintain that stability.

The included handheld directional remote control can be used to control the buggy from up to 100m away so you can effortlessly walk the course while your clubs are carried to the ball so you can play your next shot.

The MGI AI Navigator GPS folds down to a small size with a single action. In the folded position it is more compact than the previous buggies MGI has produced.

When folded there is also a carry grip to make it easier to transport and when you’re ready to play there’s a quick release toggle that lets you unfold the buggy in a second.

The MGI AI Navigator GPS+ is available to order now and is priced at $2,699.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the MGI AI Navigator GPS+ in the coming weeks.