Modern technology gives us many things.

Meet Inupathy – the device that can tell you how your dog is feeling

If only dogs could talk. Then they could tell you how they’re feeling. With the new Inupathy device – now they almost can. The device can interpret a dog’s heartrate and display their mood.

The product is strapped to the dog’s back with heart rate sensor positioned on the belt that fits under the dog’s belly.

The owner can then see a display that shows one of five colours.

Inupathy’s technology can work out from the heart rate pattern how the dog is feeling.

For example, when a dog gets nervous, its heartbeat gets faster.

The readings Inupathy makes to determine a dog’s feelings are the result of years of study and analysis of a dog’s changing heartbeat.

As a result, when a dog is wearing Inupathy you can tell if it is is stressed (purple), interested (beige), relaxed (green), happy (rainbow) and excited (red).

Dog owners can sometimes read when their dogs are not acting themselves but now with Inupathy you can tell at a glance how they are feeling.

And using the companion app you can also track how your dog has been feeling to a create a log and compare them to previous weeks and months.

The device only weighs 100g so it’s not a burden for your dog and it won’t encumber them when they are walking, running, sitting or sleeping.

Inupathy will be available soon. Pricing has yet to be announced.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.