Modern technology gives us many things.

Max Pro is a portable smart gym that you can take anywhere

Ever made an excuse that you can’t get to the gym? Well what about if the gym could be wherever you are? With Max Pro that’s exactly what you get – a smart gym that can go anywhere.

The Max Pro is smart full body replacement for all the machines in the gym which can be used at home, at your office and in private.

At its heart is a sturdy base that can provide adjustable resistance for all upper body and lower body workouts.

The base allows handles and bars to be attached with cables so you are able perform all types of exercises for chest, back, arms, shoulders and legs.

And it also has adjustable resistance so it can have as little as 4.5kg all the way up to 135kg from the just a twist of the dial.

Max Pro’s base has Bluetooth built-in which can then monitor your workouts and store them in the companion app.

You can record the power of every set along with the resistance levels, calories burned and see detailed analytics.

The app an also provide workout plans and professional coaching to help you reach your fitness goals.

And Max Pro folds down to a compact unit that weighs less than 4kg and fits inside a backpack.

Now there’s no excuses why you can’t make the gym. The gym is here with Max Pro.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced.