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Make your favourite coffee with your fingerprint

xelsissmart coffee

We all like our coffee a certain way – strong, weak, latte, espresso, cappuccino – so wouldn’t it be good if a machine could make it just right for us at the touch of a button.

Well now there is. It’s the Xelsis from Philips Saeco and it uses a fingerprint reader to remember up to six personal coffee profiles.

There are nine beverage preferences and the Xelsis can be programmed to make your favourite coffee when it recognises your fingerprint.  

The state-of-the-art machine can create café-quality coffee and includes the Saeco Brewing System which allows users to control the strength of the brew and also adjust the crema to taste and make the cappuccino, latte or flat white just how you like it.

Also onboard is an intelligent milk froth adjustment system along with a brewing temperature control and the ability to select the exact amount of coffee for each cup.

The stainless steel machine has a colour screen with an easy to follow user interface and menu.

But the technology, style and convenience comes at a price – $3299. It is available now.

The Philips Saeco Xelsis which has a fingerprint reader and can remember up to six coffee profilesPhilips Saeco Xelsis features

* 350 gram capacity coffee bean hopper

* 14 serving coffee grounds collector

* 1.6L water tank capacity

* Programmable pre-brewing system

* Opti Dose system – adjustable coffee amount per cup

* Height-adjustable coffee brewer so you can use a range of cup sizes

* Automated milk management (one touch)

* Automatic coffee circuit rinsing

* Automatic milk circuit cleaning cycle

* Brita water filter

* Refill system for water tank, without stopping the machine