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Make your dogs glow with the Mighty Pet LED Light-up collars and leashes


If you want to make your dogs stand out from the pack then you have to kit them out with the new Mighty Pet LED light up dog collars and leashes which offer cool lighting effects.

Mighty Pet, a sub-brand of Laser, has come up with these collars so dog owners can keep an eye on their pooches even at night and make them even more visible in the street and when crossing the road.

They can also be easily seen when the dogs are running free in the park even after dusk.

The Mighty Pet LED light-up collars and leashes are made from durable pet-friendly nylon material with embedded LED lights.

There are three light modes – fast flash, slow flash and constant glow.

The switch to change modes is located on the side of the collar alongside the microUSB charging port.

Batteries last for up to 10 hours so that’s plenty of time for a few long walks before they need to be recharged.

We tested the Mighty Pet Collars and leashes with our dalmatians Ziggy and Logan who loved wearing them because it drew even more attention to them than they’re already used to.

The Mighty Pet LED light-up collars are available in three sizes – Small (28-46cm) – $30, Medium (40-55cm) – $33 and Large (46-64cm) – $36.

The Mighty Pet LED light-up leash is 120cm long and is priced at $40.

They are available now from Petbarn.