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Logitech unveils iPad, Android tablet accessories

logipadthumbtablet gear

Logitech, a popular manufacturer of computer and audio accessories, has unveiled its range of tablet products to suit the iPad and Android devices.

The new range includes stands, speakers, keyboards and cases and even combinations of these to suit all users.

They are designed to allow customers to get even more out of their tablet and make it easier to enjoy their multimedia features.  

Starting with the iPad there’s a Tablet Keyboard, Keyboard Case, Wireless Speaker and Speaker Stand. Prices and availability are yet to announced.


The Logitech Keyboard for iPad and the case can act as a stand

iPad Tablet Keyboard

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth to the iPad and provides the tactile input users crave instead of tying on glass.

It’s handy to have to tap out those longer documents and emails when a full physical keyboard is required to get through the work faster and easier.

The carry case for the slim keyboard can even double as a stand so the iPad can be placed comfortably while you’re typing.

This device can also work with Android tablets.

The Logitech Keyboard case has a ridge to angle the iPad for easy viewing

iPad Keyboard Case

As its name suggests, this Logitech product is a case and a keyboard in one.

The case has the keyboard inside which connects to the iPad with Bluetooth and is charged by USB so there’s never a need replace batteries.

And when you're done the iPad fits inside the Logitech Keyboard case

There’s also a small ridge above the keyboard to allow the iPad to be angled in any position so you can keep any eye on your work.

And when you’re done with the typing, the iPad 2 clips into the top of the case to protect it.

The Logitech Wireless Speakers can stream music from an iPad, Android tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch

iPad Wireless Speaker

Many people forget the iPad can also carry around your music and this wireless speaker can stream your tunes within Bluetooth’s 15 metre range.

The dual two-inch drivers produce quality sound to deliver a satisfying audio experience anywhere.

The speakers can run for up to 10 hours on a full charge can also stream music from an iPhone and iPod Touch.

This speaker will also work with Android tablets.

The Logitech Speaker Stand positions your iPad comfortably and connect to speakers

iPad Speaker Stand

Yes it’s a stand and yes, there’s a speaker – two things users look for have now been combined in one product.

It’s handy for users who want to view their iPad comfortably to watch a movie and enjoy the enhanced audio through the stand’s speakers.

It is also adjustable so you can change the angle of the stand to suit your needs and also twist the iPad to view it upright or in widescreen mode.

And the stand can even charge the iPad while it is docked in place.

Logitech has also produced accessories specifically for the many Android tablets on the market.

The Logitech Mouse offers easier navigation on Android tablets

Android Tablet Mouse

If you don’t want to use your finger as a mouse with your Android touchscreen tablet then get a real mouse from Logitech.

The mouse connects using Bluetooth and provides easy navigation of the device and easy scrolling of web pages using the built-in scroll wheel.

If you’re working with a wireless keyboard with your tablet, the mouse completes the picture and provides an even easier computing experience.

These products will be available in Australia in the coming weeks and pricing will be announced closer to release.