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Livescribe Connect can now send your smartpen notes

echo_notessmartpen service

The Livescribe smartpen just got smarter. The device can already record everything you write and link it to everything it hears at the same time.

Those notes taken during a lecture, meeting, interview or anywhere can then be easily reviewed just by tapping the smartpen on the written notes.

But now it’s possible to share these “pencasts”  with anyone via email, Google Docs, Facebook and Evernote with Livescribe Connect.  

Livescribe has also announced the availability of an affordable entry-level Echo smartpen with a 2GB capacity for just $149.

The Echo and the Pulse smartpens digitally capture everything written or heard with easy playback by tapping the smartpen anywhere on your notes.

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The Livescribe Echo smartpenUsers are also able to upload these files to a computer and view and listen to the notes in the same way using the mouse instead of the pen.

They can also be heard on an iPad or iPhone using a free Livescribe app.

But sharing these notes just got easier using the new Livescribe Connect service. And the people who receive them can easily click on the files and view the entire pencast and hear the related audio as the notes and diagrams appear in the file.

This presents an all-new way to share thought and ideas and for people to collaborate on the same project.

“Livescribe is liberating notes and evolving human communication, collaboration, productivity, and learning,” says Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Livescribe.

“Millions of pages of handwritten notes are taken daily in meetings, classes, and brainstorming sessions. These notes have incredible value, but are trapped in the pages of your notebook.

“With Livescribe Connect, it is easy to make your handwritten notes and spoken information digital, searchable, shareable and accessible any time, anywhere with a simple tap of your smartpen.”

Pencasts use the familiar Adobe PDF format and leverages to power of the embedded Flash elements to make the written notes come to life.

To send your notes using Livescrbe Connect users simply draw a line with their smartpen and write the name of the desired destination like Facebook, Evernote or email.

Then the user taps the pages or circles the sections to send and the next time the smartpen is docked to their computer the pencasts are automatically sent.

Apart from sending pencasts to Facebook, Evernote, email and Google Docs they can also be stored online in the MyLivescribe Connector which offers registered customers 500MB of online storage space.

Research commissioned by Livescribe and conducted by an independent consulting firm revealed device–centric information workers say written notes combined with spoken information improved their job performance.

Workers still favour laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices to manage workplace information but the majority of business professionals – 87 per cent – said they still use handwritten notes to complement these products.

The findings revealed:

87 per cent of information workers use handwritten notes.

38 per cent use handwritten notes to organize their priorities and to-do lists.

67 per cent felt better note taking helped their job performance.

75 per cent saw the value of being able to computerize, index, search and share handwritten notes and associated audio.

Livescribe Connect is available now by installing the latest version of the Livescribe Desktop at

Connect Basic is free for all Pulse and 2GB Echo smartpen Livescribe customers and allows users to send pencasts to Facebook, Evernote and to a computer.

Connect Premium adds connectivity to email and Google Docs and is available free for all 4GB, 8GB and 8GB Echo Pro Pack customers.

Connect Basic customers can upgrade to Connect Premium for $14.99.