Modern technology gives us many things.

Let AI cook you the perfect steak with the Perfecta Grill

Ever wished AI could help you take the guesswork out of cooking a perfect steak. That wish has now been granted with the Perfecta – the world’s first AI-powered cooker grill.

And not only is it smart – it’s also fast. You can cook a steak to perfection in less than two minutes.

Perfecta uses vertical burners which can cook at 900-degrees Celsius and, when a cut of meat is inserted, it measures the shape and thickness and uses dual sided cooking so there is no flipping required.

Whether you like your meat rare or well done, the Perfecta can deliver the right doneness (that is actually a word!) each time.

Perfecta also works with chicken, pork, burgers and fish and you can even cook a pizza.

It’s all fully automated – and eliminates the risk of overcooking and undercooking.

Perfecta has been optimised to deliver the right condition for the Maillard reaction which is a chemical reaction between proteins and sugars that gives cooked meat it flavour.

And the result is perfect sear on the outside, the desired doneness on the inside and the right level of moisture retention.

Perfecta is available to purchase now from

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas for CES with support from Samsung, LG and Hisense.