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Laser’s board helps you get smart with power usage

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Saving energy in our homes is not only good for the environment it’s also good for our wallets.

Being able to turn off appliances when not in use and monitor the ones which are running can help us manage our power even better.

IT and consumer electronics accessory company Laser Corporation has just introduced its smart power range which gives users control of their energy consumption.  

Electricity prices aren’t going to go down so managing our usage makes good financial sense.

On average our household appliances make up about 30 per cent of our electricity usage.

Standby power, the power to keep that little light on and allow us to turn on the product with the remote, accounts for a staggering 10 per cent of our electricity bill.

Laser’s new products in its Smart Power range will give households complete control.

Smart Power Meter Board

The device, which also acts as a surge protector, features a built-in LCD display to make it easy to track your consumption.

Users will also be able to see how much it costs to run their products. The Laser product comes preset with an average rate but this can be adjusted to the kilowatt hour rate which can be found on your electricity bill.

The Laser Smart Power Meter Board which can help monitor your power usage

The board comes with a smart power function. When the main appliance connected to the “smart” outlet is switched off the other devices plugged into the “green” outlets are all switched off as well which saves on standby power.

AN example of this would be a computer in the smart socket with all the peripherals like printers, computer speakers or monitor.

There’s also an “always on” socket which can be reserved for products always need power like an alarm clock or a lamp.

The Laser Smart Meter Socket also doubles as a surge protectorSmart Power Meter Socket

This smaller device can also help keep track of your electricity usage and safeguard your products with surge protection.

Surge protection of the Laser device is rated at 2,500 amps ands 140 joules.

The meter socket also has a battery back-up to save and store the collected data.


The Laser Smart Power Meter Board is priced at $129.95 while the Smart Power Meter Socket costs $29.95. They are available now through selected retailers.