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Landline dock for iPhone

left-whitesmart station

Here’s a nifty new product for those who want to use their iPhone like a landline when they’re home.

The iFusion is the first integrated communications docking station for the iPhone.

It was unveiled at Macworld in San Francisco this week and goes on sale in April. 

The device has a cradle that can fit any iPhone and link through the 30-pin dock connector.

iFusion pairs to the iPhone using Bluetooth so an incoming call can be answered through the device’s handset.

It can also be used as a speaker for phone calls and music. It can also support Bluetooth music streaming so even when it is not in the cradle it can still wirelessly play your music.

The iFusion Smartstation

Users will also find a USB connection so data can be synchronised. It can also charge the iPhone as well.

iFusion Smartstation is available in black or white and goes on sale in the US in April. It will be priced at $US149. Pre-orders are already being taken on the website.

It will hopefully be available in Australia soon after with local pricing yet to be determined.

The black iFusion Smartstation