Modern technology gives us many things.

iRoom in-wall iPad dock can control your house

iroomthumbipad wall dock

The iPad has certainly changed the way we do things. It has even replaced a number of products as well.

One device it has replaced is the expensive touch pad remote used in smart homes and home theatre system control systems.

A new in-wall dock called iRoom takes advantage of this and connects the iPad to an automation system and can take care of audio, video, security and lighting. 

The device was shown in Australia for the first time at the recent CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association of Australia) Expo at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Designed in Austria, iRoom can not only hold the iPad securely inside the in-wall dock either vertically or horizontally, it will also charge it at the same time.

A mechanised release system means users can literally get their hands on the iPad whenever they like without the worry of it ever being low on charge.

The mechanism within iRoom gently tilts the iPad forward for easy retrieval. In the event of a power outage the mechanism automatically opens to guarantee the device can still be accessed.

iRoom connects to your power supply and home automation control system

The iRoom dock can be installed into masonry or dry-studded walls.

With an abundance of control apps available – many from well-known companies like Control 4, Crestron and AMX who are well known companies in the smart home space – the iPad has become a powerful device which can literally control your home.

iRoom can be installed vertically or horizontally in your wallWhile the iPad is docked it is also connected to the home’s wi-fi network and can continue to update apps as well download content like movies and music.

They can then be shared to other devices in the home either through the hard-wired iRoom system or across the network.

The iRoom is priced at $1499. Some may consider this price high but when you consider the added functionality it can give the iPad and the fact that a dedicated touchpad of this size and class for a home control system used to cost around $5000 – it is reasonably priced.