Modern technology gives us many things.

iOS 17 will help you screen your calls and let people know you got home safely

iOS 17 for iPhone, which was just unveiled at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, will make it possible to screen your calls, tell your friends and family you got home safely,  leave FaceTime video messages and turn your iPhone into a clock when you’re not using it.

Apple also unveiled iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma and watchOS10 which also introduce a range of new features and capabilities.

Here are the new features of iOS 17


Users can see a real time transcription of an incoming call and decide whether they want to answer the call. This feature also makes it possible to take a call during a meeting to see what it’s about and if it’s urgent without disturbing anyone around you.


iOS 17 lets you express yourself with an enriched contact poster which can be configured like a lock screen.


This lets users share their contact information and contact posters simply by bringing their iPhones together or bringing an Apple Watch and iPhone together.


If you can’t get through on FaceTime, iOS 17 now offers a way to leave a video message that can be enjoyed later.


If you receive a FaceTime call on your iPhone, you can hand off to your Apple TV so you’re using your TV to see your friends and family.


There is a new expandable menu to share content and stickers while a new catch-up arrow brings you back to where you left off in a conversation. iMessage also introduces Check In so friends and family members can be notified when they arrive safely at their destination.


When you’re iPhone is not in use and resting on a MagSafe charger, simply place it on its side to turn it into a display for the kitchen counter, night stand or desk with a larger clock, notifications and calendar events.


This is a brand new app to reflect on your day and includes photos and people and is curated from recent activity and locations.

Here are the new features of iPadOS 17


The iPad now offers similar configurable locks screens like the iPhone with your choice of fonts and images.


Widgets on the iPad are now more powerful and interactive on the lock screen and the home screen.


It is now a lot easier to work with PDFs so you can easily write on them and annotate them with Apple Pencil. You can also find and fill in text areas and easily sign a document with a saved signature or a fresh signature with Apple Pencil.


The Health app is now on the iPad so you can see your health data in even more detail. It has been re-designed and optimised for the larger display so you can interact with charts and other information.

Here are the new features of macOS Sonoma


Now you can place widgets right on the desktop so you can see information at a glance but they will also blend into the wallpaper so they are not too distracting.


The enhanced video conferencing allows presenters to still be seen during their presentation either in a video bubble or on top of their content. And users will be able to react with hand gestures to set off fireworks and confetti if they like what they see.


The Safari browser has improvements to private browsing to further prevent tracking as well as the ability to create profiles so you can sign into sites with either work or personal credentials.


macOS Sonoma offers stunning new screensavers with slow motion videos above Hong Kong, Monument Valley in Arizona and the rolling hills of Sonoma.

Here are the new features of watchOS 10


The native Apple Watch apps like Weather, Stocks, Maps and Messages now take up more of the display with more glanceable information.


This contains widgets that displays information you can access with a turn of the digital crown right from the watch face.


Palette and Snoopy are the new watch faces, Palette has a wide variety of colours and overlapping layers as the time changes while Snoopy and Woodstock interact and play with the watch hands.


Apple Watch becomes a better device for cyclists with workout reminders, calorimetry for e-biking and new metrics. Workout views offers Heart Rate Zones, Elevation, Race Route, Custom Workouts and a new Cycling Speed View. Apple Watch will also connect to Bluetooth accessories like power meters, speed sensors and cadence sensors.


Users can gauge how they are feeling, select what is having an effect on them and describe their feelings. By logging this information it could indicate and possibly offset the effects of depression and anxiety.


Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is the leading visual impairment and watchOS 10 introduces a new feature that can measure the time spent in daylight and when viewing a device too closely which is deemed at closer than 30cm.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to the Worldwide Developers Conference as a guest of Apple