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Indoor Weather Stations vs Outdoor Weather Stations


What kind of weather will it be? How warm is it outside? What is the humidity level in the living room or basement? Forecasting rain or thunderstorms, checking the temperature in different places, reacting to dry air to ensure a healthy sleep, these are the latest innovations of a weather station.

But the choice, analysis and purchase of a personal weather station can be a tiresome task due to a large number of models and options. Do you need an indoor weather station or an outdoor weather station? Or maybe one with all options? In this article, you will learn some necessary information about different types of these innovative devices.

How to choose a weather station?

If you would like to know the weather in your area, you should buy a weather station. Its use is relatively simple, and it is a precious tool that will serve you much more than just to know what clothes you should wear today. But there is a small problem: there are many models of various brands at very different prices, so choosing the most suitable for you can become a somewhat complicated task. Presently, many models can measure indoor and outdoor weather conditions at the same time. There is no need buying two different devices. There are different weather stations on the market.

Digital weather stations

They are the most desired among weather geeks. They handle temperature measurement (both maximum and minimum), atmospheric pressure, humidity (maximum, minimum and current), the speed and direction of the wind, the thermal sensation, the weather forecast, the date and time, the ultraviolet ray index, and millimeters of water that have fallen thanks to the rain gauge. The most complex ones have a program that is installed on the computer which will allow you to keep track of all the data collected.

Indoor weather stations

If you are interested only in knowing the parameters of your indoor space, then consider buying an indoor weather station. Such a device can display the current time, measure air condition, measure humidity level, and other parameters essential for your daily needs. Indoor weather station can let you sleep better, feel better, and perform better. In general, it displays information about current conditions of your indoor space. You can use them to adapt this space the best you can. For example, if your air is too dry, your indoor weather station will inform you about it.

Outdoor weather stations

An outdoor weather station measures different parameters of weather outdoor your house. You can use it to forecast the weather or to collect data about the different weather conditions.

Uses of weather stations

The weather station consists of an integrated sensor system and the console that can detect the different weather variables. Then it sends the data so you can virtually see the weather conditions. These devices will follow everything from barometric pressure to wind speed as well as provide you past data to think over. Weather stations can simultaneously display a real-time calendar, indoor/outdoor temperature, and humidity with a max/min record weather forecast and moon phase with the vivid pattern.

The weather stations are not only used to know what time it is today or what it can do in the next few days. The data collected is vital to study the climate of each area and to predict possible changes that may occur in the future. Meteorology has an essential impact on the life of the human being; therefore, you can use information about the weather to perform the best at work, at home, or during your journey.

What are the benefits of having a weather station?

Weather stations are handy. They give information about the local meteorology.

They help us plan our free time according to the weather forecast. Also, weather stations can be used for educational purposes. Using these devices, you can teach the little ones about meteorology and how to interpret data. What is more, weather stations can help us save money on heating or air conditioning as long as we pay attention to outside weather and indoor conditions. Also, some models help to complete the decoration of our home help to create a pleasant atmosphere and decoration, as well as informative.


The observation and control of the meteorological data of our home and outdoors can help us to create a healthier environment inside the house, controlling the temperature and humidity and preventing the appearance of mould. Buying a weather station can be a brilliant idea to live healthier and better.