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Increase your iPad’s versatility and connectivity with the StayGo Mini USB-C Hub

If you have an iPad Pro, iPad Air or the new iPad Mini you can really increase the product’s versatility and connectivity with the addition of the StayGo Mini USB-C Hub.

Priced at $89.95, TwelveSouth’s StayGo Mini USB-C Hub really lives up to its name – it’s just 7.2cm long with a single USB-C plug to connect to your iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

And yes, it will also work with a MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air.

The StayGo Mini USB-C Hub has four ports: USB-A, HDMI, headphone/audio out and USB C power.

When connected to the iPad, for example, it really opens up the possibilities so you can connect headphones, another display and external USB drives.

The StayGo Mini USB-C Hub also works great with a MacBook so you can connect a back-up hard drive, an external monitor via the HDMI port.

The unit also allows for passthrough power so you’re able to keep the iPad or MacBook charged as well.

While it can be connected directly to your iPad or MacBook, it also comes with an extension cable to suit your space and your workflow.

Many people use their iPads in a case, so the cable will make it easy to connect when there’s no room to plug it in directly.

The cable offers added flexibility if you want to organise your desktop or maybe position the StayGo Mini USB-C Hub behind your iPad or away from your MacBook.

And when you’re done – you can disconnect everything by unplugging one cable.

Stay connected and stay productive with the StayGo Mini USB-C Hub – it’s available now and is priced at $89.95.