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HTC’s VIVE XR Elite offers next level Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality experiences

HTC has launched the powerful new VIVE XR Elite headset that combines both MR (Mixed Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) capabilities into one compact unit to deliver a next-level experience for gaming, fitness and productivity.

Onboard the HTC VIVE XR Elite is a full colour RGB passthrough camera and hand tracking which opens the possibilities with MR that can includes games where can see characters in the real world.

Or a real-time overlay on a piano so you can learn to play or multiple virtual screens while using a physical keyboard and mouse.

“The VIVE XR Elite all-in-one represents the next milestone in the progression towards the fully immersive internet, going beyond today’s VR with accurate pass-through video to open up a new realm of realism in learning and playing,” said Cher Wang, Co-Founder and Chairwoman of HTC Corp.

“This advanced yet compact device offers the best of all worlds for consumers, providing the ideal physical gateway to the universe of experiences offered by VIVERSE, our version of the metaverse, with the widest variety of content inputs even up to the very latest standards such as WiFi 6E.”

The VIVE XR Elite will enjoy more than 100 new pieces of mRNA VR content ranging from games to classics with many more in the pipeline.

These includes, Demeo, Hubris, Yuki, Maestro, Les Mills Body Combat, FigminXR, Unplugged and Finger Gun.

Post-launch there will be more games including Everslaught: Invasion, and later in the year full MR games like Eggscape.

Users can connect VIVE XR Elite to a PC using a USB C cable and access PC VR content from Viveport and steam.

The unit also supports wireless PC streaming over wi-fi on Wi-Fi 6 thanks to its low latency.

It’s also possible to stream from a compatible Android phone to VIVE XR Elite which could turn the unit into a personal cinema screen that’s the equivalent of a 300-inch display.

Users will be able to watch streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus or play games like Fortnite with the VIVE XR Elite.

They can even connect a Bluetooth controller to their phone for a complete gaming experience.

There are four wide field of view cameras for exceptional spatial accuracy along with adept sensor, hand tracking and capacitive touch for your finger movements on the controls.

VIVE XR Elite has both physical controllers and hand tracking to achieve even more accuracy while gaming, productivity and learning scenarios.

Anyone wearing the new headset will see a wide 110-degree field of view with 4K resolution running at 90Hz.

The VIVE XR Elite also has adjustable lenses so you can take off your glasses and still comfortably see a clear bright image.

On the audio side there are larger speakers with enhanced bass, balance and directional audio that adds up to even better clarity without relying on external solutions.

The Viverse Is a customizable virtual social space that is your gateway into new worlds and games.

There is even a dedicated living area so you can invite friends over to hang out virtually.

VIVE XR Elite will be available to pre-order from today with deliveries expected in late February.

The VIVE XR Elite headset comes with two controllers and the headset battery cradle and it will be priced at $2099.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with the support of Samsung, LG, Hisense and ASUS.