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How Promotional Products Can Drive Sales in 2020


If you want to increase your business’s sales, then you should undoubtedly consider using promotional products. People love receiving free promo gifts, so it is no wonder that promotional items can generate new business, increase brand awareness, and act as long-term advertisements for your business. All those aspects help to increase sales.

 Promotional Products Provide a Low-cost and Effective Marketing Strategy

 If you want to generate sales, you have to invest in marketing. The use of promotional products is one of the most low-cost and effective marketing strategies your business can have. Do not presume the low cost of the product has a small effect on the recipient, because the opposite is true. According to Promotional Product Association International, promotional gifts are the sixth most successful marketing activity for businesses around the world.

 There is a massive range of promotional products you can use to promote your brand and drive sales. They include bags, pens, clothing, drinkware, tech products, and novelty items. By choosing a promotional item that fits well with your brand and product or service, you can target potential customers even more. For promotional products in Sydney of the highest quality in manufacturing, design, and printing work, check out Promotions Warehouse.

 Branded Promotional Products Are Fantastic Advertisements

Your brand is an essential part of your business. The more brand recognition you receive, the more customers you will gain. By placing your brand name or logo onto promotional products, you will generate more immediate brand recognition.

That means customers will instantly remember your business, products, or services. On average, recipients of promo gifts keep the items for at least six months. So, every time customers look at your promo product over that period, they will have your brand imprinted on their memory. Those kinds of lasting effects are pretty much unheard of in other forms of advertising.

 Quick Tips

 To maximize an increase in sales from utilizing promotional products, follow these fantastic tips.

 Keep the Amount of Information Minimal

 The more information there is on your promo item, the more customers will not ingest it. A simple logo and a phone number are usually best.

 Choose Quality Over Quantity

 Customers will respond better to quality products. The good news is, even high-quality promo gifts are inexpensive to purchase.

 Continually Give-Away Promo Gifts

 Do not just give out promotional gifts during a specific product launch or at a special time of year, like Christmas. To gain maximum sales from promotional products, give them out at certain times throughout each year.

 What do the statistics say?

 According to a survey conducted by Promotional Product Association International, 52% of people interviewed said they did business with a company that has given them promotional gifts. Another study, by Baylor University, showed companies who gave away promotional products were able to boost their sales by a whopping 22%.

So, it is clear that promo items inspire consumers to reach out to the business that provided them. And consumers are more likely to come to you than a company that does not utilize promotional products.

 It is not just the recipients of your promotional gifts who convert into loyal customers. Promo items have a much further reach, especially if you give away products that are constantly used. For example, if you place your brand onto a promo gift umbrella or bag, many people will see your brand when a gift recipient walks around town with the item.

According to PPAI, 55% of people keep promotional products for over a year. Just think how much exposure your company can get in such a long period!