Modern technology gives us many things.

Has technology turned you into a workaholic?

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Ah, technology. For all its benefits, enjoyment and convenience it is turning Australia into a nation of workaholics.

A survey by human resources software and services provider NorthgateArinso says Aussie office workers use technology to be more productive but often at the expense of personal time.

500 office workers took part in the study with two thirds admitting to working while on holidays and half doing work at home after hours.  

And 29.4 per cent said they even worked during their office commute.

“The survey results seem to suggest we’re a nation of workaholics,” says David Page, Australia and New Zealand Managing Director at NorthgateArinso.

“Technology such as smartphones, Skype and instant messaging are all great productivity tools, but they must be applied sensibly, and people need to understand when to simply turn them off.

“It’s way too easy to get sucked into being plugged in 24/7.”

Technology has turned us into workaholics according to a survey. Pictures: photostock

While 73.8 per cent of respondents said technology helped them achieve a better work/life balance but just over half – 52.2 per cent – said it also intruded into their personal time.

So how do you compare? Do some of these habits ring true for you as well?

Here are some ways to recognize if you’re a tech-enabled workaholic.

* You’re always checking your smartphone for emails and it’s the last thing you look at before bed and the first thing you look at when you wake up.

* The laptop and smartphone always go with you –even on holiday.

* You feel like you have to respond to work emails even outside office hours.

* You expect others to answer your emails outside work hours because that’s what you do.

* You have more work contacts on Facebook and Skype than you have family and friends.

“Australian’s take work very seriously, and rightly so,” said Page.

“But it’s important to recognise where to draw the line and when to get some balance back into your personal life to focus on your health, family, friends and relationships.”