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Get ready for a flood of iPad 2 cases

stmskinny3ipad 2 covers

With the release of any new Apple product there is usually a flood of third party accessories and covers and the iPad 2 is no exception.

The magnets and sensors which are utilised by Apple to attach the Smart Cover to wake and sleep the device will also be used by case makers.

These new products also have to take in to account the iPad 2’s front and rear facing cameras as well as its slim new form factor.   

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Miniot Cover

The Miniot iPad 2 cover is made of wood and attached to the device using magnets

The Miniot Cover is made out of a single piece of wood with indentations to allow it to be bent and folded to a stand.

Miniot’s cover, with its micro-fibre lining, attaches to the glass surface of the iPad 2 with an array of magnets.

Made in Holland, the Miniot Cover will be available in Australia next month.

Folio 360 II/SmartBlazer 2

The Folio 360 II acts as a case and stand and has a wake/sleep cover

The Joy Factory will be releasing an the leather Folio 360 II which has a wake/sleep cover so it can not only protect the device but also provide a stand for typing, watching videos and making FaceTime video calls.

The company will also be launching the SmartBlazer 2, also crafted out of leather,  which has a magnetic wake/sleep cover which can be folded and used as a stand.

STM Skinny

The STM Skinny can acts as a stand for typing or viewing

STM is an Australian company which has been making excellent bags and cases for Apple products for years and they’ve already come up with a solutiom for the iPad 2.

The Skinny lives up to its name and provides a sleek hard shell case to keep your iPad 2 safe without adding a lot of size or weight

It has an auto on and off cover to wake the iPad 2 when it is opened and put it back to sleep again when it is closed.

STM's Skinny still offers complete access to the iPad 2's ports, switches and camera

This cover also folds to provide stands for typing and viewing.

All of the ports and cameras are also completely accessible while the iPad 2 rests inside the Skinny.

It is available in three colours – sage, mushroom and black.

Hermes Swift

The Hermes iPad 2 case is made of luxurious calfskin leather and costs more than the device itself

If you’re after a touch of luxury for your iPad 2 then you can’t go past Hermes which has just released a calfskin leather cover which is actually more expensive than the device itself.

It is available in 10 different colours and is a book-style cover which can protect the screen and also fold back to provide a stand.