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Frenz Brainband can help you fall asleep by studying your brainwaves

Falling asleep isn’t easy for everyone and a new product called the Frenz Brainband can read your brainwaves and help you fall into a deep sleep.

The Frenz Brainband has gold-plated sensors that sit across your frontal lobe when you’re wearing it.

These are used to capture your brain activity through the app along with your eye and facial movements.

It can even monitor your breathing and your blood oxygen levels.

The idea behind the product is to gather these readings to see the level of restlessness present and analyse that data using AI.

After that analysis the Frenz Brainband then determines the type of audio the person will need to help soothe them and help them get to sleep based on biometrics and their cognitive state.

And the audio isn’t delivered through your ears – that would keep you awake – instead it is delivered via bone conduction which means you hear the audio through your skull.

The audio will be either spoken word, sounds or music – or a combination of all of them – delivered silently right into your head to get you in the zone and on your way to the land of nod.

According to the company customers who use the Frenz Brainband fall asleep 24 minutes faster and 97 per cent report improved sleep quality.

The Frenz Brainband is available now for $US490.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas for CES with support from Samsung, LG and Hisense.