Modern technology gives us many things.

Epson showcases its latest smart glasses, projectors and printers at the Australian F1 GP

It was a winning weekend for the Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronas team at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix but also an excellent time for sponsor Epson to showcase its latest technologies.

Tech Guide was a guest of Epson last week in Melbourne where it showcased its latest technologies for consumers and businesses.

While Epson is probably best known as a printer company it has also made a name for itself with its Moverio augmented reality smart glasses and its excellent projectors.

Epson took over the Mercedes Me store in the heart of Melbourne to show real-world examples of how its brilliant new technology can be used.


This projector gives users the creative freedom to turn ordinary spaces into stunning visual environments.

And the beauty of the product is it can be almost hidden away because it doesn’t look like a projector – it looks more like a light source.

It can be used to create digital signage to display graphics, logos and other information.

In the Mercedes Me store, the projector was used to being patterns and graphics inside the circular Mercedes-Benz logo on the wall.

It was also used to beam images inside window frames of various sizes.


For large venues, the Epson EB-L1755UNL installation projector offers impressive quality thanks to its laser light source which offers up to 3 times brighter colour.

With the brightness of 15,000 Lumens, the projector easily lights up the space.

The main presentation ahead of the Australian Grand Prix practice sessions last week was run through this projector and offered excellent image quality and video clarity.


Tech Guide has had its hands on the Epson Moverio BT-300 augmented reality smart glasses before to fly a drone which gave is the ability to see what the drone is seeing while still keeping an eye on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

There are numerous examples on how the smart glasses can be used whether it’s overlaying information about what you are seeing like you would in a museum or art gallery.


In previous Australian Grand Prix we have used the Moverio BT-300 in the Mercedes-Benz garage to learn more about the Formula One car and its engine with the added information laid over what we were looking at.

This year, Epson demonstrated a retail application for the Moverio BT-300.

Inside the Mercedes Me store were two Mercedes-Benz vehicles with circular stickers strategically placed around the cars.

When we wore the glasses and glanced at the stickers – a graphic expanded over the space and allowed us to view the vehicle in 3D and look at it from every angle.

We were also able to change the colour of the car.

The potential customer would be able to use the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses to customise and visualise the vehicle right there.

Another option was being able to see the exploded view of the engine and all its parts.


The Epson Eco-TANK printers have been a game changer with the ability to print incredible quality images and documents without the need to constantly buy costly ink cartridges.

The printer has enough ink to last for up to two years right out of the box.

Customers simply fill each tank with the correct ink colour.

The printer also has wi-fi onboard so it can easily be accessed at home or in the office for users to print their documents or images.

At the Mercedes Me store, the photographer was printing images takes just seconds earlier from his memory card with the Epson Eco-Tank printer.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne as a guest of Epson.