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Our favourite new gadgets from CES

sony3dglassesSPECIAL REPORT

There was no shortage of quirky new gadgets in the cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The Consumer Electronic Show gives compnies the ability to showcase their very latest products and prototypes which customer will see in the coming months and years.



By Stephen Fenech in Las Vegas

Sony 3D Head-mounted Display Prototype.

The Sony 3D Head Mounted display prototype looks more like a prop from a science fiction film than a home entertainment product but it is actually a personal 3D home theatre.

The bulky unit is very front heavy meaning the user either has to recline in a chair or hold it with their hands so it doesn’t fall. This is a prototype remember so no doubt the final product will address these issues.

Despite this the product was surprisingly good. Inside the device are two screens which alternate 60 times a second between the left and right eyes to create the 3D effect. It’s like a combination of a 3D TV and 3D glasses in the same unit.

When you’re wearing the device it feels like you’re sitting in your very own 3D theatre. The definition image was sharp and clear and the 3D was excellent. And because the device also incorporates headphones the sound was impressive too.

The device will hopefully be available sometime in 2012.

LG Smart TV Upgrader

The idea of a smart TV is great but what about if you invested in a flatscreen TV a year or two ago?

Well LG has come up with a clever solution – a Smart TV upgrader.  The small device looks like a thick CD case and connects with your existing TV – it doesn’t even have to be an LG model – via a HDMI connection.

Once connected your TV can browse the web, download apps and access content. One thing users won’t be able to do is utilise the LG Magic Motion remote which works like a Wii Remote to easily navigate the screen.

But you will be able to download smartphone applications to control your TV.

Lexmark Genesis Printer

Lexmark, one of the world’s leading printer manufacturers, has come up with a printer that looks nothing like a printer.

The new all-in-one device has a smaller footprint and a new upright design but maintains all the functionality of a regular multi-function device.

One thing which hogged space in previous designs was the scanning bed which has now been completely eliminated and replaced with a 10 megapixel image sensor which means instead of scanning a document it takes a hi-res picture of it.

The Lexmark Genesis has a 4.3-inch touchscreen control panel and connects to your home network for wireless printing as well as accessing the internet for SmartSolutions which include being able to email files directly from the device.

Monster Universal 3D Glasses

One problem with 3D TVs is the fact that the active glasses from one manufacturers 3D panel won’t work on that of another.

Monster, a company better known for producing top quality audio and video cables and headphones, has come to the rescue with the world’s first universal active shutter eyewear system.

Like a universal remote control, the Monster glasses can work across a number of brands including Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba and Mitsubishi.

A handy product if you decide to upgrade your 3DTV or head over to a friend’s house to watch the footy in 3D.


Swiftpoint Mouse

This tiny wireless mouse is designed for people who want to use a mouse instead of the fiddly trackpad on their laptop.

Plugging a mouse into a laptop is nothing new but there places where there is no room beside the computer to operate the mouse like on a plane, public transport or sitting on your lounge at home.

The Swiftpoint Mouse is a great solution because it is small enough to use on the wrist rest of the laptop or even on top of the trackpad itself.

Using the mouse is like gripping a pen to allow easy use and even scrolling using the side wheel. There are even small buttons on the front of the product which are for left and right clicking.

And being so small it is easy to carry everywhere you take your laptop. The USB receiver that connects the mouse to the laptop also doubles as the charger. A quick 30-second charge can give an hour of use.



WheeMe Massage Robot

This palm-sized product might look like a toy car but it can actually gently massage your body.

It uses its wheels to squeeze and caress as it moves whether you’re laying on your front of back while tilt-sensor technology ensures it won’t fall off your body or lose its grip.

The WheeMe, developed by Israeli company DreamBots, is available in various colours and will be available in Australia once a local distributor is found.

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Pure Contour

Digital radios are only going to grow in popularity in 2011 and popular brand Pure has come to the party an unveiled an impressive new model at CES.

The stylish unit not only sounds good but looks pretty good too. The Pure Contour is shaped like a half-moon and features a retractable iPhone/iPod dock.

Also on board is an internet radio and digital radio along with an aux input, USB port. It’s also possible to stream audio from your computer and it can all be controlled from the comfort of your couch with a remote.



Sony HDR TD10 3D Camcorder

One complaint 3D TV owners had was was the fact there was not enough 3D content to enjoy on their shiny new panels.

Well Sony’s latest camcorder gives users to create their own.

The Sony HDR TD10 3D Camcorder not only has two lenses it also has two sensors which means it can capture full HD footage down both pipes.

And you can also watch the 3D you’ve just shot on the flip out 3.5-inch display without glasses. On the downside it is a little on the bulky side but there is a lot of new technology under the hood.

Expect the HDR TD10 3D Camcorder to hit stores around April.

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* Stephen Fenech travelled to CES as a guest of Samsung