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Enjoy an iShower with all of your favourite music

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Some people need to have their music with them wherever they go – even in the shower.

For these people and those who like to sing while they’re getting cleaned up, there’s a new product which has been designed specifically for their needs.

iShower is a water-resistant Bluetooth enabled speaker which can stream music from your iPhone, iPod and Android devices.  

Launched by iDevices – the creator of that other great appcessory the iGrill which turns an iPhone into a meat thermometer – the iShower can remember up to five pairings so it can be used by the whole family and their favourite music sources.

The device, which will be officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas next week, feature long range Bluetooth which means it can stream music from a source up to 60 metres away.

iShower is also easily detachable so it can be enjoyed in safety in other aqua environments like the beach and beside the pool.

iShower can stream music from up to five different iPhones, iPods and Android devices

It is powered by three AA batteries which will provide up to 15 hours of playback.

There are controls on the front of the device so the user can easily navigate their music and adjust the volume.

An anti-fog shower mirror is also an optional extra.

The iShower will be priced at $US99.99 when it is released in March.

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