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Dyson introduces new Ball vacuums

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Dyson has updated its vacuum cleaner range and introduced new technology and design changes to make them lighter and more efficient.

The Dyson Ball vacuums use a ball to not only help steer the device and lower its centre of gravity but to also house the product’s motor.

The DC39 barrel vacuum incorporates the Dyson Ball with a central steering mechanism while the DC41 upright has been streamlined to offer improved performance.  

Dyson DC39

This little barrel vacuum offers more stability thanks to the Dyson ball and a mechanism that helps steer the device towards the user instead of rolling on its side and being hooked on furniture like other models.

The reduced friction from the Dyson ball means it is easier to pull along while you’re vacuuming.

The floor tool has also been improved so it glides smoothly whether it’s on carpet or hard floor.

The Triggerhead and Musclehead floor tools which can be used with the DC39 can detect the type of floor which is being cleaned so there’s no need to bend down and adjust the head manually.

The rotating brush which cleans the carpets disengages automatically to protect hard floors.

The Dyson DC39 will be priced from $749.

 The Dyson DC39 incorporates the Dyson Ball and a new steering mechanism for easier operation

Thy Dyson DC42 upright has been streamlined to be lighter and more efficientDyson DC41

Dyson’s DC41 upright vacuum is a only a shadow of it predecessor with a sleeker design.

The Dyson Ball is at the heart of the DC41 but the design has been radically modified to make it lighter and more streamlined.

What helps with the more svelte design is the fact the Dyson ball houses the motor, the main air ducts and the power cord.

The cleaner heads can also self-adjust to the type of floor it is being used on while retaining suction and reducing air leaks.

Also built into the DC41 is a telescopic wand to get into those harder to clean spots and along skirting boards.

The DC41 will be priced at $949 when it is released in the coming weeks.