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DJI enters the world of robotics with the RoboMaster S1

DJI, the company best known for drones and gimbals, has now entered the world of robotics with the RoboMaster S1 which is now available to buy in Australia.

The S1 has been released to introduce users to robotics and to explore all the possibilities the technology has to offer.

It is a highly-advanced rover which can work as an easy introduction to AI, engineering and robotics.

The robot has brushless motors and a chassis that can move in all directions along with a high precision gimbal.

The S1 has four Mecanum wheels which are commonly found on competitive robots and each with 12 rollers to allow for omnidirectional movement and precision control.

It has simple controls and a dedicated RoboMaster app with easy to navigate menus and numerous tutorials.

The product would be appealing to both newcomers but at the same time offer advanced features to users who already have experience in robotics and AI.

RoboMaster S1 also has interactive modes for programming, play and competition so you can learn and have fun at the same time.

Users assemble the hardware and learn to manoeuvre the S1 as well as program it with either Python or Scratch.

You can also compete with friends in multiplayer battle mode.

There are 31 sensors aboard the S1 so it can map the world around it.

There are also six sensors on its intelligent body armour so it can detect collisions.

On top of the S1 is a FPV (first person view) camera that can stream a live feed to the companion app.

The camera can also identify different objects automatically as well as recognise and respond to sounds and receive signals from other S1 units.

In November, there will be exciting new features introduced via a firmware upgrade that will allow the S1 to be used as an intercom to transmit sound clips back to the user.

Users will also find a voice return function while the addition of S-bus means it can support some third-remote controllers.

The S1 is equipped with leading machine vision technology, enabling users to get hands-on experience with real-world applications.

The S1 can perform six intelligent recognition functions, including:

– Line Follow: Create a fun and interactive course and map out the path desired for the S1. Program Line Follow through the RoboMaster app and the S1 will automatically follow the line.

– Vision Marker Recognition: The S1 can recognize up to 44 Vision Markers, including numbers, letters, and special characters, which opens more potential for coding, combat, and training.

– Follow Mode: Built into the RoboMaster app, the S1 can identify and follow a person selected in the S1’s field of vision.

– Clap Recognition: A built-in clap recognition module on the S1 can be programmed for unique responses based upon clap quantity.

– Gesture Recognition: The S1 can be programmed to recognize an array of physical hand gestures similar to some DJI drones.

– S1 Recognition: The S1 can recognize other S1 units and perform unique movements based on how it is programmed.

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is available from and authorised DJI retailer for $899.