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Danger, danger – Lost In Space robot on eBay

robotthumbreplica for sale

Danger, danger Will Robinson!! The Lost in Space robot has been listed for sale on eBay.

A Queensland eBayer who goes by the name of Ensignjill has listed an exact replica of the B9 robot seen on the popular 60s sci-fi series.

When contacted by Tech Guide the person said they were selling the life-size robot for “a fellow enthusiast to enjoy him”. The asking price – $29,500.


The robot was created by South Dakota company B9 creations and purchased by Ensignjill three years ago.

Each replica is an exact copy of the robot seen on Lost In Space that ran for three seasons.

It stands at 1.95m tall and weighs 113kg.

There are lights and illuminated buttons and the torso section can also rotate. The B9’s concertina arms can also be moved and positioned.

But the best part is it can talk.

The B9 replica for sale on eBay Dick Tufeld – the original voice of the robot in the series – has recorded phrases especially for this licenced replica.

Ensignjill is a huge Lost In Space fan.

“I have met all the stars from the series,” Ensignjill said.

So if you ever watched Lost In Space and fantasised about having your very own robot, here’s a golden opportunity – if you can afford it that is.