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Cricut’s new Joy Xtra smart cutting machine makes it even easier for you to get creative

Cricut has unveiled its latest smart cutting machine – the Joy Xtra – which gives users the power to start creating stickers, labels, customised t-shirts and much more straight out of the box.

Cricut has been around a long time and has released machines of various sizes, but the Joy Xtra is being described as the “Goldilocks” of smart cutting machines because it’s just right for newcomers and experts alike.

The Cricut Joy Xtra smart cutting machine can cut, write, draw and foil to make popular projects including full colour stickers, custom cards, vinyl decals, T shirts and much more.

Customers can create customised and personalised gear and merch along with labels and much more through Cricut’s user friendly design platform.

It is small enough to take anywhere while still offering a stylish design that makers would be proud to display at home, in the classroom or in their office.

The Print then Cut functionality allows users to create professional looking stickers, labels, tags, custom clothing, business merchandise, signs, cards and more easier than ever.

The unit is large enough to fit A4 material inside so it can easily cut out printed images from any standard inkjet printer.

Stickers created with the Cricut Joy Xtra can be used on water bottles, laptops and phone cases, school folders – the limit is your imagination.

It’s also possible to use a variety of materials with the Cricut Joy Xtra including printable sticker paper, printable vinyl, printable waterproof sticker sets and printable iron on all in the convenient A4 size.

“Our mission with the Cricut platform is to inspire and empower makers,” said Ashish Arora, Cricut CEO.

“We have more than eight million members who discover, make, and share their creations with one another, and they bring their designs to life through our platform with innovations like Create Sticker.”

Nicola Dow Smith, Regional Head of Cricut said: “From concept to design to creation, Cricut provides the holistic ecosystem of tools, from intuitive design software to creative hardware, to bring making to life, so anyone can truly make anything they can imagine.

“Whether you are an established small business, market stall casual, pop-up gift store, or looking to create a brand or side-hustle, Cricut Joy Xtra will take your brand logo and packaging from, oh to woah!”

“If you are a teacher with a busy classroom, keen to create personalised, timely learning resources for your class on the fly, the Cricut Joy Xtra Starter Bundle has got you covered.

“If you are a Uni student upcycling clothes or a parent creating last minute dress-ups or making creative customised gifts for friends and family or to sell, the Cricut Joy Xtra Starter Bundle comes packed with all you need to bring your creations to life.”

The whole experience is powered by the Cricut Design Space which is a platform where millions of people from around the world discover, create, customise and share their projects.

There is a huge community around the world of people using Cricut smart cutting machines who are designing making and personalised creations thanks to the companion app, software features and regular new updates.

The Cricut Joy Xtra Starter Bundle is available now exclusively from Harvey Norman and is priced at $429.

Cricut Joy Xtra Starter Bundle inclusions:

– Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Cutting Machine

– Cricut Printable Waterproof Sticker Set – A4 (6 ct)

– Cricut Printable Iron-On For Light Fabrics – A4 (5 ct)

– Cricut Joy Xtra Transfer Tape (3 ft)

– Cricut Joy Xtra Light Grip Mat

– Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Vinyl™ – Permanent Sampler, Classics (3 ct)

– Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Iron-On™ Sampler, Elegance (3 ct)