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Create video content with the Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

The Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking is a handy tool to help you create video content that can be shared to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

The device utilises MagSafe so it can work with the iPhone 12 and future iPhones and hold them in place in portrait or landscape mode to shoot your video.

On top of that, the Belkin mount’s companion app recognises your face and follows your movements as you’re shooting so that you’re always in the centre of the frame.

The app makes it easy to link directly to your social media channels to share your content faster and easier.

It’s just a matter of magnetically snapping your iPhone 12 into place with MagSafe which ensures it is perfectly aligned every time.

The Belkin face-tracking app is available for iOS so that it can follow your face while you’re shooting content with your iPhone 12 in both portrait and landscape modes.

The stand can automatically track your face and has a full 360 degrees of rotational coverage so it won’t miss a thing.

The iPhone’s angle on the magnetic mount can also be manually adjusted so you are always framed perfectly.

The Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking works with the iPhone 12 and also with MagSafe cases.

If your iPhone is in a non MagSafe case, you will have to remove the case and attach the phone directly to the Belkin mount.

The unit is powered by three AA batteries and stands at 21 centimetres tall.

Now while the stand uses MagSafe, it will not charge your phone but rather hold it in place magnetically using the iPhone 12 MagSafe technology.

The device won’t work with FaceTime, Zoom and other video conferencing apps – it only records video whilst running the Belkin Mount app.

The Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking is available now and it’s priced at $79.95.