Modern technology gives us many things.

BHeart smart band can track your health and sleep but it never ever needs charging

Imagine a smart wearable health tracker that you will never ever have to charge. That’s a reality now with the BHeart band which uses patent pending technology to power the device by motion, body heat and light.

BHeart is a metal bracelet that can be worn on its own or attached to a regular timepiece.

Inside the band are sensors which can read and deliver health data to the companion app in iOS or Android devices.

Users can see their activity level, health status, mental resilience and sleep quality.

The app also provides advice personalised from the collected data to help users improve their health and fitness.

It has a simple yet sleek design which hides a range of complex sensors and energy collection technology.

There are even tiny solar panels on the outside of the bracelet.

But the problem with today’s health wearables and trackers is the fact they have to be charged – and to do that they need to be taken off.

That’s not an issue with BHeart – it can be worn at all times to provide a true 24/7 snapshot of your health and wellness.

“The first health trackers were important for establishing that wearable technology can encourage healthier lifestyles, but we must reach more than athletes to improve public health,” said Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda.

“People of all ages and fitness levels need easier ways to track their health, so we must design products that fit into everyone’s lifestyles, including people who don’t find today’s technology accessible or easy to maintain.”

BHeart was also made with sustainability in mind and its credentials are solid just on the energy autonomy alone.

It was also made plastic-free materials including lightweight alloys that are both attractive and durable.

It also further reduced e-waste that’s usually associated with battery-powered devices with a relatively short lifespan.

“Helping people become healthier shouldn’t demand they take on entirely new routines, and technology doesn’t have to be disposable to be low maintenance,” added Serval.

“We can build tech that lasts to build habits that last.

“It just has to be designed to fit into our existing lifestyles.”

BHeart is compatible with standard watches with a lug width of 18-22mm.

Pricing starts at $US100 and will be available to purchase at from April 2023.

The BHeart app will be free to download at launch from Apple’s App Store in April and Google Play Store in June 2023.