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Arlo’s new Pro 5S 2K security camera will still work during power and internet outages

Arlo has unveiled and all-new security camera – the Pro 5S 2K camera which offers tri-band connectivity and the new Arlo SecureLink technology which can maintain connectivity even during power and internet outages.

The latest addition to the award-winning Pro series, Pro 5S i s supported by the redesigned Arlo Secure app which has a new streamlined interface to offer instant access to critical tools like emergency response.

The new camera has tri-band connectivity which means it can operate off dual-band Wi-Fi and Arlo SecureLink tso it can automatically connect to the strongest network whether it’s 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz.

This means longer wi-fi range with a reduction in RF interference while still maximising video quality.

The camera can also pair with other SecureLink devices to ensure continued security and connectivity even during a blackout or internet outage.

The Arlo Pro 5S also operates on the lowest power band while in sleep mode which adds up to significant battery life improvements – as much as 30 per cent longer battery life.

“Pro 5S is hands down the most secure and reliable camera Arlo has engineered to date,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo.

“Integrating three wireless technologies into one extremely compact form factor ensures users are better equipped to protect their everything. Supporting the overall Pro 5S experience, the redesigned, intuitive Arlo Secure App ensures frictionless access to the most comprehensive monitoring tools available.”

The all-new Arlo Pro 5S 2K Security Camera includes:
Dual-Band Wi-Fi Support: Automatically connect to the strongest network available between 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for the strongest possible connection

– SecureLink Connection: Pair with Arlo Home Security System through Arlo SecureLink for continuous connectivity during internet and power outages3, stronger encryption and longer range and battery life

– Increased Battery Life: Up to 30 per cent longer battery life than the Pro 4. Users gain access to an all-new low power mode to charge their camera less often and can connect the camera to Arlo SecureLink-enabled devices to further conserve battery life.

– 2K Video with HDR: High-performance lenses ensure crystal-clear detail in every picture

– 160-Degree Viewing Angle: Keep an eye on what matters most with a wider field of view

– Integrated Spotlight: Light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests

– Built-In Smart Siren: Trigger the siren remotely or automatically during an event

– Colour Night Vision: See videos in colour rather than traditional black and white

– Two-Way Audio: Listen and speak to visitors with crystal clear, full duplex audio that reduces wind and noise

– Wire-Free and Weather-Resistant: Easily install indoors or outdoors

– Magnetic Connections: Easily add on accessories such as a solar panel charger, waterproof outdoor charging cable, and XL capacity battery/housing

– Platform Compatibility: Works with Amazon Alexa4, Google Assistant, and IFTTT for easy interaction, automation, and control.

The Arlo pro 5S 2K security camera will go on sale in the US for $US249.99.

The camera’s launch date and pricing in Australia will be announced in the coming weeks.