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Apple Watch design standard goes all the way to the case


applewatchcase4Much has been said about the Apple Watch’s design credentials and that attention to detail goes beyond the product to the packaging and case.

Tech Guide had a chance to see the packaging for the Apple Watch that will also double as its case whenever it is not being worn.

There will be two main cases – one for the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport and another more luxurious packaging for the Apple Watch Edition.

When customers purchase the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sports it will be contained in a long narrow white hard plastic box with gently curved edges with a detachable lid.

The Apple Watch is stretched out inside for the full length of the box with the back of the watch held in place by a raised square.

The Apple Watch range - (from left) Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition

There is also a magnet inside that square so the Apple Watch won’t fall out of the case so it can only be removed when the user decides.

Apple Watch will also come with a small circular mag-safe charging plate that snaps effortlessly to the back of the device for easy charging.

For the Apple Watch Edition – the most expensive option available in 18-carat gold or rose gold – the packaging matches the deluxe feel of the product.

Apple Watch Edition’s case is circular and covered in plush material.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech holds Apple Watch Sport

The device sits inside on its side with the back of the Apple Watch attached to the mag-safe charging plate.

The reason for this is to allow the Apple Watch to be charged while it’s resting in the case.

On the back of the case is a small USB port to connect a cable to power the Apple Watch while it’s still resting safely inside.

The Apple Watch Edition case will have a built-in mag-safe magnetic charger

Since its introduction Apple Watch has been very well received in both tech circles as well as in the fashion and style community.

In fact, the Apple Watch made the cover of Vogue in China – clearly seen on the wrist of the cover model.

Apple Watch will go on sale in early 2015.

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