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Apple rumoured to be working on Bluetooth Smart Watch

smartwatchthumbApple is rumoured be working on a Smart Watch that can wirelessly connect to the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth according to Chinese gadget site Tech.163.

The Tech.163 (Google translation) site claims Apple is working with Intel on the product which will feature a 1.5-inch display.

Smart Watches have become a popular new product following the introduction of the Pebble and Sony’s Smart Watch.

The Sony Smart Watch

Another device – I’m Watch – will be showcased at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas which kicks off on January 8.

Apple’s previous iPod Nano – the square shaped model – was able to be worn like a watch with one of many wristband accessories.

But one thing that version of the iPod Nano lacked was Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pebble Smart Watch

Apple rectified this with the latest iPod Nano but the company decided to make the device larger and longer which meant it could not be worn as a watch.

The rumoured Apple Smart Watch device would be released in mid to late 2013, according to Tech.163.

This product joins the list of rumoured products which also include a smart TV with integrated Apple TV functionality.

The Italian-designed I'mWatch smart watch

The Apple TV rumour was given considerable weight after it was mentioned as a passion project of Steve Jobs in his best-selling biography written by Walter Isaacson.

An Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch would allow users to view messages, emails and calls while their iPhone or iPad is in your pocket or in your bag.

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