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Amazon sold over a million Kindles a week in December

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It was a very happy Christmas for Amazon which revealed it had sold more than a million Kindle ereaders per week in the month of December.

The new colour Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch – not yet available to Australia customers – took up the top two spots on the Amazon sales charts.

The Kindle models available in Australia also sold well with Big W and Dick Smith stores stocking the devices selling out before Christmas.  

“We are grateful to our customers worldwide for making this the best holiday ever for Kindle,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

And it was obvious there were a lot of Kindles given as Christmas gifts – Christmas Day 2011 was the biggest ever day of Kindle book downloads.

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 Another huge seller on the Amazon website was the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson.

In fact there were so many hard cover copies sold if they were all oiled one on top of each other they would form a stack higher than Mount Everest.

The Kindle Fire features a 7-inch touchscreen and will be available to Australian customers in 2012

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