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How to fix a smartphone that won’t charge

Are you having trouble charging your smartphone? Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, it is common for users to experience issues getting their charging cable to connect securely to recharge.

We’ve heard from users complaining that their charging cable can’t connect properly to charge their battery.

They’ve had to jiggle the cable and hold it at a certain angle to make proper contact with the terminals.

The result is the phone being propped up into various positions so the cable can be held in place long enough to get a full recharge.

And just the slightest bump will see the connection lost and the result is a phone with hardly any charge.

Does this describe you and your current woes with your smartphone?

Before you book an appointment at the Apple Store or send your Android smartphone in for repairs, there is something you can do that will likely fix your problem.


The cause of most of the problems in many cases that we’ve observed is simple. It’s pocket lint.

With phones spending most of the time in our pockets in the one to two years that we own them, a lot of fluff is pushed inside the charging port.

At first it’s not an issue but after a year or two it can build up.

And what’s not helping the issue is the fact that we’re plugging a cable into that port every day and pushing that lint and debris even further inside.

Over time that ball of lint will reach a size that will eventually prevent your cable making that solid connection inside the port.

So what can you do?

It’s quite simple really. All you need is a needle or a safety pin or maybe even the tool you use to open your SIM card slot.


Gently probe inside the port and use a small sweeping motion to catch the lint.

Once you catch it, gently pull it out.

Then try connecting your cable again – you’ll find it will fit securely once again and will charge your phone’s battery again.