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Find out how many Australians have smashed their smartphone screens


Smashed smartphone screens have become the bane of modern society and also created a growing industry for repairers who are making money off the clumsy use of our devices.

And the surprising news is that it’s pretty common with nearly one on three (28 per cent) of smartphone users admitting to smashing their screens according to a survey by

And with more than 31 million active mobile phone accounts in Australia, that amounts to 8.6 million screens.

No wonder there are more and more smartphone repair kiosks popping up in major shopping centres.

And it seems the older you are, the more careful you are with your mobile, according to the study.

Only 10 per cent of the oldest people in the survey had smashed a screen compared with Gen X (25 per cent) and Gen Y (46 per cent).

The survey by interviewed more than 1,000 Australians about their smartphones habits and it revealed that 29 per cent had actually found a phone but 25 per cent were also unlucky enough to lose one.

More than a tenth (11 per cent) admitted to dropping a phone in the toilet while 10 per cent were the victim of smartphone theft and six per cent had left their mobile behind in a taxi.

The best way to avoid a smashed screen would be not to drop it – obviously – but to also house your phone inside a case and to have a screen protector on the device as well.