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Dyson enters the lighting business with revolutionary LED desk and floor lamps


Dyson is already well known for creating high-quality and efficient vacuum cleaners but it has now gone into the lighting business thanks to a revolutionary new LED desktop task light and floor lamp.

The CSYS range includes a desk light, clamp light and floor lamp which has been developed by Jake Dyson, the eldest son of James Dyson.

Also introduced was the Dyson Cu-Beam suspended light.

As is typical with any Dyson product, the new lighting devices includes new technology and eye-catching design.

They include an all-new heat pipe cooling technology to prevent the LED lights from overheating.

Jake Dyson with the new CSYS lamps and Cu-Beam suspended light
Jake Dyson with the new CSYS lamps and Cu-Beam suspended light

This cooling technology is usually found in satellites and microprocessors and is made up of a vacuum tube which has a single drop of water inside.

When it senses heat the water inside the tube is turned to vapour and moves away from the heat source where it condenses back into water again.


This makes it possible for the Dyson lights to have eight high-powered LED lights positioned just 8mm apart providing a powerful light output of 648 lux over one square metre.

And users can position the light exactly how they want thanks to a three-axis glide motion which allows you to adjust the height and reach of the lamp with a fingertip touch and the help of a counterbalance.


Also onboard the Dyson CSYS lights are precision touch-sensitive dimming controls with a built-in memory to recall the most recent light setting.

And there are also no bulbs to change with the Dyson’s LED lights designed to stay bright for 144,000 hours – that’s more than 35 years of regular use.


The CSYS collection includes a desk light ($850), a clamp light ($850) that attaches to the edge of a desk and a larger floor model ($1,200).

The Cu-Beam suspended light is a commercial solution that provides steady and even light that can illuminate a board room all from a single LED light source.


The product incorporates Dyson’s heat pipe technology and 37 fins on each wing of the light to keep the unit cool and ensure a long life of more than 144,000 hours.

Pricing for the Cu-Beam suspended light is yet to be announced.