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Tech Guide’s 2018 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 1: Cameras

Christmas is just a few short weeks away and once again tech gifts will be extremely popular. So we’re kicking off Tech Guide’s annual 12 Days of Christmas Gadget Gift ideas.

Finding the right gift for your friends and family can be tough which is why over the next 12 days we’ll be covering every category to give you an even better idea of what to purchase and put under your Christmas tree.

Today were talking about a very popular item – cameras.

They come in all shapes and sizes including action cameras and mirrorless cameras.

The Tech Guide 12 Days of Christmas Gadget Gift Ideas will be:
Day 1: Cameras

Day 2: Smartphones

Day 3: Wearable/smartwatches

Day 4: Headphones/speakers

DAY 5: Gaming

DAY 6: Tablets/eReaders

DAY 7: Drones/Gadgets

DAY 8: Smart/IoT devices

DAY 9: In-car gadgets

DAY 10: TVs/Blu-Ray/4K

DAY 11: Appliances

DAY 12: Computers


Sony HX99 – $849

The Sony HX99 is designed for users who want a small yet powerful camera by the side.

It has the world’s smallest body with a zoom range from 24mm at the wide end to 720mm super telephoto and can also capture 4K video.

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GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero7 Black – $599.95

The popular action camera now includes a new video stabilisation feature called HyperSmooth which is designed to capture videos that look like they were steadied with a gimbal.

And it works in any conditions including underwater and in high shock and high wind situations where other gimbals would struggle.

GoPro has also introduced a new form of video called TimeWarp – which applies a high speed effect to your videos.

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Canon EOS M50 – $949

The Canon EOS M50 is an intuitive and advanced mirrorless camera and is the ideal travel companion.

This camera is compact and suits those looking to branch into mirrorless, interchangeable lens photography.

The EOS M50, which can also shoot 4K,has super-fast autofocus which means you can capture the moment no matter how fast it happens.

Also onboard is wi-fi and Bluetooth which makes it possible to autosave your photos on your smartphone.

Fujifilm XF10 – $799

The Fujifilm XF10 is the perfect gift for anyone looking to make the jump from smartphone photography to mirrorless.

The pocket-sized XF10 weighs just 280g and has high quality components and new functionality.

It also meets the increasing demand for advanced movie functions, offering both 4K movie and high speed video functionality.

Nikon Z7 – $5498

The Nikon Z7 marks the company’s first steps into the full-frame mirrorless camera space.

The Z Series embodies the future of mirrorless camera systems and it has inherited every element of the quality expected from Nikon in a body that showcases Nikon’s dedication to optics and photography.

The Z7 offers the quality of the multi-award-winning D850, in a smaller, more compact body.