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Sony announces new ZV-1F vlogging camera to unleash your creativity

Sony has announced a new vlogging camera – the ZV-1F – which is small enough to fit in your pocket yet still capable of capturing stunning videos and images.

The Sony ZV-1F is packed with features and advanced connectivity to allow users to create great content and easily share it on their favourite social media platforms.

This is the third member of the ZV family, and it introduces several new features including the ultrawide 20mm F2.0 prime lens and touch screen.

The ultrawide 20mm lens means you have a wider field of view to capture more of your background while still offering background bokeh in both stills and video to create impressive depth of field.

The Soft Skin Effect option can also smooth out and reduce wrinkles when shooting video and create a natural skin tone for still images.

The Face Priority AE can automatically adjust brightness when shooting to ensure faces have optimal brightness even in low light situations and changing light conditions.

The Sony ZV-1F also has high precision focusing and Eye AF for humans and animals which means the autofocus can fix on the face and eyes without being diverted to other subjects.

The user can change subjects via the cameras touch screen.

And videos will look more stable than ever thanks to Active Mode which smooths out your videos like you’re using a gimbal.

Also on board is the Creative Look function which offers several preset options to create different stills and videos with variations in tone, brightness, colour depth and more.

And not only can the Sony ZV-1F capture excellent videos and images, it also captures high quality sound thanks to the Directional 3-Capsule Mic and wind screen which results in clear voice recording and reduced noise even in outdoor windy conditions.

The device has not only been built for quality but also portability and weighs in at just 229g.

It includes a Vari-Angle LCD touchscreen which allows users to navigate the menu and the settings with ease.

The Sony ZV-1F has a self-timer and recording lamp so recording video content is even easier.

On the connectivity side, the camera has also been optimised to use with your smartphone through the new Imaging Edge Mobile Plus app.

This lets you connect to the camera via Bluetooth or wi-fi and transfer images and videos from the camera to your smart phone before uploading to your social media platforms.

Users can also cut out and transfer specific 15, 30 or 60 second marked clips from the camera to their smartphones and post directly to social media without the need to edit the length to suit that platform.

The Sony ZV-1F can also be used as a live streaming device with a video conference application or similar software when connected to your computer or phone via USB.

The new Sony camera is also compatible with the GP-VPT2BT shooting grip with wireless remote commander for cable free control of zoom, recording and more.

The unit also expands into a mini tripod for stable shooting.

An external microphone can also be attached to the accessory shoe to improve your sound recording.
The new Sony ZV-1F will be available in Australia from early November and will be priced at $1049.

ZV-1F key features:

  • Fixed ultra-wide-angle 20 mm F2.0 prime lens
  • Background bokeh and Face priority AE
  • Skin tone optimisation including Soft Skin Effect
  • High precision focusing and Eye AF for both humans and animals
  • Active Mode (electronic) image stabilisation when shooting video
  • Creative Look presets for ultimate visual expression
  • Slow motion and quick motion options to enhance creativity
  • Product Showcase Setting for product reviews
  • Enhanced touchscreen features with Touch Zoom and Step Zoom functionality
  • Clear voice recording with 3-capsule mic and wind screen
  • 4K 30p /FHD 120p
  • Easy smartphone connection to transfer content for social platforms
  • Eco-friendly features for reduced environmental impact