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Panasonic unveils LUMIX G100 compact camera that’s perfect for online content creators

Panasonic has just unveiled the LUMIX G100 – a compact and lightweight interchangeable lens camera that’s been purpose built for vloggers and online video content creators.

Naturally, the G100 can capture excellent 4K video but it’s audio quality will also impress users.

Available in late July, the LUMIX G100 is the first interchangeable lens camera to include OZO Audio which can record audio through three microphones in high quality without the need to connect an external microphone.

The OZO Audio system can track and capture sound whether you’re in front of the camera or behind the lens narrating a scene.

“We’re excited to introduce this camera with an all-in-one audio solution unique in its class. It has two significant benefits that make it easier to create really engaging vlogs,” says James Choi, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Australia.

“Firstly, it can capture sound based on where you are in relation to the camera – so whether you are in front or behind the lens, audio is clear and sharp, actively reducing background noise.

“Secondly, OZO Audio works together with the G100’s autofocus system to track and follow the sounds of the subject in focus when it is in front of the camera.”

The camera is small and light but it’s still offers creative vlogger high video quality and ease of use.

The G100 has an adjustable 3-inch flip-out touchscreen so users can easily frame themselves for their shots at any angle.

With the Lumix G Vario 12-32mm lens attached, the G100 weighs just 412g.

Onboard is Tracking mode – an industry first which works with Panasonic’s Face Recognition Technology to analyse the scene and automatically adjust the three onboard microphones to focus on the location of the presenter or the subject.

This enables clear voice recording even when you’re in a crowd or noisy environment.

Surround mode can record audio in all directions for a 360-degree sound experience while Auto mode can automatically switch between Tracking and Surround mode for unpredictable situations and general recording.

The Lumix G100 can capture 4K video in 3840 x 2160 resolution at 30/25/24 frames per second.

The 5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabiliser on the G100 can also smooth out your videos even when you’re walking and talking.

Under the hood is a 20.3-megapixel MOS sensor without a Low Pass Filter which allows users to create sharp images with low noise.

The sensor is a lot larger than the one you’d find on a smartphone camera so you can capture enhanced quality and achieve amazing results in low light.

Photographers can shoot at burst speeds of up to 30 frames per second while Post Focus – as its name suggests – lets users chose a focal point in an image after it was taken.

The G100 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to easily transfer images to your smartphone to edit and share on social media.

It’s also possible to use your smartphone as a viewfinder and remote control.

Also released with the camera is an ergonomic handgrip and mini tripod.

The optional DMW-SHGR1 grip can connect to the G100 via USB to start and stop recording, release the shutter and enable sleep mode.

The Lumix G100 will be available from late July and will be priced at $1,099 (body only) or in a kit with the LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH MEGA O.I.S. lens (H-FS12032E-K for $1,299 or with the H-FS12032E-K lens and DMW-SHGR1E Tripod Grip for $1,399.