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Olympus reveals new range of clever compacts

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Olympus has launched its new range of cameras that can offer the quality of SLR and the convenience of a compact.

The CSC (compact system camera) is designed for the consumer who is looking to take quality images without having to carry around a backpack full of gear and lenses.

The new Olympus Pen line-up includes the E-P3, the Lite E-PL3 and the Mini E-PM1.  

Each of these models have various form factors, interchangeable lenses and styles but at their core they have a number of common features.

The most impressive is the world’s fastest autofocus speed thanks to FAST (Frequency Accelerated Sensor Technology) for increased responsiveness.

There are also Art Filters that offers the option of adding soft focus, black and white grain, pop art feel and diorama miniature mode.

Apart from offering superior still image quality, the new Olympus products are also capable of capturing fill high definition video.

The Olympus PEN E-P3


The flagship of the new Olympic range combines style and functionality with responsiveness and excellent imaging capabilities.

On board is a 12.3 megapixel sensor can shoot full high definition video while a new multi-motion digital image stabilisation can take the shakes out of your handheld-captured footage.

There’s a 3-inch OLED 610,000 dot display on the rear panel to frame and review your images.

There are also touchscreen capabilities including the ability to adjust the point of focus simply by touching the screen. Users can also capture images via the touchscreen.

The Olympus PEN E-P3 is available in silver (with a black lens) and black (with a silver lens).

The Olympus PEN E-PL3


This is the first PEN camera to feature a tilting 3-inch display so users can take their pictures even at difficult angles.

It is useful for those time when who you can’t hold the camera close in from of your face whether you’re shooting stills or high definition video.

It is available in four colours – silver, white, red and black.

The Olympus PEN E-PM1


Combining quality and style, the Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1 is for those who want to capture quality memories.

It is designed with ease-of-use in mind so even first-time users can pick up the device and take good pictures.

The Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1 is available in six colours – brown, pink, white, silver, purple and black.

Pricing and availability of the new Olympus models will be announced in the coming weeks.