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Lytro – a revolutionary way to take and view photographs

lytro2A device that will change the way we take and enjoy our digital photographs is on its way to Australia. It’s called the Lytro Light Field Camera and will go on sale on October 10.

The Lytro camera, which was invented by Australian Dr Ren Ng Ph.D, doesn’t look like a conventional camera – it has a rectangular shape with a lens at one end and a small touchscreen at the other.

What sets the Lytro apart is the fact that it’s a light field camera which means it can capture the entire light field instead of just a single plane of light like a regular camera.

This means the high resolution images are “living pictures” and, because you’ve captured the entire light field, means you can focus on any part of the image – even after you’ve taken it.

This is set to dramatically change the way we take and view our digital photographs.

Dr Ren Ng, Ph.D Australian inventor of the Lytro Light Field camera

Lytro’s Australian inventor, founder and executive chairman Dr. Ren Ng, Ph.D. said: “With light field technology there is a huge opportunity for creativity in photography that hasn’t been available in the past. We have seen amazing, creative and interactive pictures from camera owners and I’m looking forward to the Lytro camera being available in Australia.”

Simply click on or touch any part of the image and it will come into focus whether it’s in the foreground, the background or anywhere in the picture.

So this means no waiting for auto focus or shutter lag – you just point and shoot.

The Lytro camera captures the entire light field and allows users to focus on any part of the image even after it is taken

This technology only existed in labs with a number of cameras attached to a super computer but Lytro’s engineers decided to shrink the technology dramatically so the power of the light field can now literally fit in your pocket.

And while the Lytro camera allows users to take these amazing light field images, it’s also possible to share the amazing results on Facebook, Twitter, on email and on the web.

And the people who see these images can also click anywhere on the image to change the focus as well.

The reason for the odd shape of the Lytro camera is to accommodate the powerful 8x zoom lens system and sensor to capture the light field.

The Lytro camera is available in three colours

The device only has an on/off switch and a capture button as well as a capacitve zoom function which work works when the users runs their finger along the top edge.

The Lytro cameras will be available in two models – an 8GB version which can store 350 pictures ($499) and 16GB version which can hold 750 images ($599) – and in three colours – red, blue and graphite.

Also included with the Lytro camera is the Lytro desktop application which is available for both Mac and PC users. The applications allows users to view, interact and organise your Lytro’s images.

Tech Guide will have a full review of the Lytro Light Field camera in the coming weeks.

For a demonstration of Lytro’s “living pictures” go to

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