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Fisherman hooks lost underwater camera

lostlumixthumbcamera found

A fisherman who snagged an underwater camera on his line while fishing on the Hawesbury River is trying to re-unite the device with its owner.

Adam Biro hooked the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT10 while fishing at Cottage Rock in Cowan Creek in Sydney on October 15 – a week after the last image was taken.

There are 150 images on the underwater camera and now Mr Biro has started the hunt to find the owner to return his camera.  

“I was pretty shocked when I pulled in the line and there was a camera on the end of it. I’ve caught plenty of different things in the past – but this is pretty unusual by any stretch,” Mr Biro said.

“There are obviously a lot of memories on that camera and I’d hate to think someone could have lost them all.”


The Lumix FT10, which is waterproof and shock proof, was found in about 10m of water  and now the hunt is on to find rightful owner.

When Panasonic found out about the find the company deciced to pitch in to unite the camera with the person who lost it in the river.

One of the pictures found on the recovered underwater Lumix FT10 camera

Panasonic will be extending the search across all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The company has even created a new post in its blog which includes a video showing the exact location of the find and the person who found it.

If you are the owner of the FT10, or you know the owner, please email