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Canon’s new PowerShot V10 has been designed for content creators to use on the go

Canon has unveiled its new PowerShot V10 – a lightweight camera designed especially for users to create content on the move.

The camera weighs just 211g and is an all-in-one solution which includes high quality microphones and 4K movie recording with professional-looking background blur.

The PowerShot V10 has a sturdy vertical body which is easily portable and designed to make it easy for self-recording so you never miss a moment.

The camera has a built-in stand with a tilt adjustment of up to 30 degrees and a wide angle lens focal length with the ability to record in 4K at 29.7/25fps and full HD at 59.94/50fps.

It also has a centrally located record button for easier one-handed camera control.

The camera can be held horizontally and vertically and can shoot in both orientations and includes an auto levelling feature to make sure your videos are straight and not slanted.

There are two large stereo microphones under the hood as well which are designed for narration with a third microphone being used to detect and reduce ambient noise.

On the back is a 2-inch LCD touch screen which can also be flipped to the front which is ideal for keeping yourself in the frame when filming.

PowerShot V10 – Key Features:

– Compact and lightweight vertical body

– Wide angle lens focal length 6.6mm (35mm equivalent focal lengths are 18mm in stills and 19mm in video mode), f/2.8 maximum aperture

– Movie recording in 4K UHD at 29.97/25.00 fps and Full HD at 59.94/50.00 fps

– Face-tracking AF

– Movie IS Mode

– Smooth Skin movie shooting mode

– Large stereo microphone

– Tilt-up screen

– Built-in stand (easy tilt adjustment up to 30 degrees)

– 14 colour filters

– JPEG still image shooting, equivalent to Scene Intelligent Auto

– Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam [UVC/UAC]

The Canon PowerShot V10 will be priced at $699 when it goes on sale in June.