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BlackMagic Design unveils new 6K Pro camera and ATEM Mini Extreme switcher

If you’re interested in high quality video production and live streaming then you better take a look at BlackMagic Design’s latest products – the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and the ATEM Mini Extreme.

BlackMagic Design is an Australian company that makes some of the world’s highest quality digital film cameras, editing products, video monitoring and live production switchers.

These latest products were naturally announced during a live stream that was facilitated end to end by Blackmagic Design’s very own products.

The BlackMagic Design PCC 6K Pro is a serious step up from the previous model and offers the same quality as Hollywood feature films.

It has a brighter 5-inch adjustable tilt HDR display that allows for easier framing and focus whether you’re shooting in 4K or 6K.

Also onboard are four shock proof microphones and a built-in speaker.

The camera also has a heavy duty lens mount and can take EF lenses from other DSLR cameras.

And filmmakers can choose to shoot onto an SD card, CFast media or to an external USB-C drive.

The PCC 6K Pro also features BlackMagic Design’s very own new format BlackMagic RAW to capture and preserve the quality of the sensor data.

On the audio side, there are also two mini XLR ports to connect external microphones.


The ATEM Mini Pro was a huge hit last year but the new ATEM Mini Extreme takes it even further.

The larger video switcher can now connect and control up to eight different cameras via HDMI as well as connect to the internet for slick live streams.

With multiple camera angles at your fingertips, the ATEM Mini Extreme will help you produce professional streams and recordings.

There are also two USB ports which can be used to connect SSD drives for recording or to connect to a computer running the companion BlackMagic Design software.

These new BlackMagic Design products will be available in late February.