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Why Your Ecommerce Store Should Accept Bitcoin

Almost everybody is aware of the buzz that surrounds cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The popularity of digital wallets is also paving the way for instant and convenient payment systems.

Consequently, these technological advancements have disrupted how people conduct business. When an eCommerce store uses a payment processor, they can automatically convert their cryptocurrencies into their local currency. And this makes accepting Bitcoin payment a seamless process for a retailer.

But, many eCommerce stores are yet to start accepting Bitcoin payments. That’s because their owners don’t know much about the cryptocurrency or are skeptical about it. Overall, taking Bitcoin can expand the customer base for your eCommerce store or enhance their buying process.

Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin is a form of virtual money. It’s a cryptocurrency or virtual currency. What’s more, no government or bank controls this cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to regulate its generation and use.

Essentially, the blockchain network verifies every transaction and records it in a public ledger. And the same technology prevents any form of manipulation of the transactions or records. For more information you can visit this trading App

Using Bitcoin in an eCommerce Store

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin complement eCommerce. That’s because they are available online and appeal to digitally-savvy users. Therefore, eCommerce stores or retailers should see Bitcoin the way they see their businesses. Accepting Bitcoin payments is an option for people that need a more convenient and fast way to pay for their services and commodities online. And this can bring more customers because people are looking for ideal digitally-based payment methods.

Once an eCommerce accepts Bitcoin, customers don’t have to visit a bank whenever they want to complete online payments. They also don’t have to disclose their credit card details at the checkout. Thus, correct Bitcoin payments can complement your eCommerce store’s existing services.

Benefits of Bitcoin for an eCommerce Store

Accepting Bitcoin payments will benefit your eCommerce store in several ways. Here are the key benefits of Bitcoin for an eCommerce retailer.

  • Broader market: When your eCommerce store starts accepting Bitcoin payments, it attracts more tech-savvy consumers. These consumers form an entire community that’s always looking for stores that accept cryptocurrencies. Provide this payment option, and they will always shop from your online store.
  • Fast transactions: Compared to bank transfers and credit cards, Bitcoin provides efficient transactions. With regular payments, transactions can take days or even a week. On the other hand, Bitcoin transactions are almost instant. Thus, your eCommerce store can access funds practically instantly once a customer has paid. And fast transactions help in streamlining cash flow for a business.
  • Low fees: Compared to traditional payment methods, Bitcoin attracts low costs. These fees vary based on whether an eCommerce store involves a third-party to process payment or goes directly to a personal wallet. However, Bitcoin transactions attract a lower price than traditional payment methods.
  • More security: A customer can’t reverse a Bitcoin transaction. And this makes it more secure because chargebacks are impossible. Chargebacks are common frauds for eCommerce. That’s because some customers cancel transactions once the retailer has sent the ordered product. Accepting Bitcoin payments can eliminate the possibility of this fraud.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin presents an innovative currency and payment method. And your eCommerce can accept this cryptocurrency via a third-party processor or personal wallet. If you choose a personal wallet, learn how it works, and then set up your virtual wallet. You can download the wallet to your computer or phone or use a hardware wallet.

If you use a third-party processor, your eCommerce has to allow them to handle all payments. A third-party payment processor will also convert Bitcoin into your local fiat currency instantly.