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Why You Need a Bitcoin Broker to Trade

You’re bound to come across a story headline that talks about cryptocurrency when scrolling through the news feed on social media. Blockchain technology is a phenomenon that has swept the entire world within a relatively short period. Many communities globally have felt the effects of this technology.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency so far. The launch of this electronic or digital currency was on 3rd January 2009 after its design on a white paper. This cryptocurrency has a limited supply, and the production of every coin happens through mining. And, any member of the public can verify Bitcoin transactions to ensure the security of the network.

Since the cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, every transaction is public. What’s more, Bitcoin is resistant to forged transactions and censorship.

What Bitcoin Brokers Do 

You’ve probably read stories about Bitcoin brokers online. Sites like Crypto GPS have highlighted their roles in Bitcoin trading. But, you’re probably hesitant when it comes to enlisting their services. That’s because you might think that a broker will charge you a lot of money to help you trade Bitcoin. However, it would help if you understood what a Bitcoin broker does to decide whether you need their assistance.

The role of a Bitcoin broker is to help you purchase or sell this cryptocurrency. You risk losing your money if you don’t use a broker to trade Bitcoin. Essentially, a broker helps you avoid the scams that surround crypto trading. Using a reputable and trusted Bitcoin broker enables you to invest or trade safely and successfully.

Primary Reasons to Use a Bitcoin Broker 

You will find many Bitcoin exchanges once you decide to trade this cryptocurrency. You can find a broker through a Bitcoin exchange. Also, a broker can have their firm. Nevertheless, using a Bitcoin broker is beneficial for the following reasons.

  • Low Spread and Slippage Costs 

Most people use low trading to choose a crypto exchange. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that you should not make. Although this looks like a logical decision and an attractive proposition for maximizing fiat deposit, it can lead to high slippage fees and spread.

Reputable brokers distribute purchases and sells across liquid exchanges to identify the highest liquidity for specific assets and then split orders across the platforms. Thus, using a reputable broker enables you to get the lowest spread, minimal slippage, and the market’s best rate. And this can increase your long-term profitability.

  • Larger Liquidity Pool 

For any sold or bought asset, there must be a seller and a buyer. A Bitcoin exchange is more liquid when it has more buyers and sellers.

Once there is a new crypto exchange, it must populate all trading pair books for orders with people that want to buy and sell to provide a trading market for the users. That way, the trading liquidity is distributed from the existing crypto exchanges, whose effects on smaller trading exchanges can be adverse.

Bitcoin brokers avoid this by monitoring the crypto market and following the trader’s instruction to purchase or sell based on the quoted price or an estimate. The distribution of purchases and sales across the liquidity exchanges globally enables the broker to increase order book liquidity for an asset. And this allows users to trade Bitcoin assets with maximum liquidity.

  • Increased Crypto Trade Pairs 

Crypto pairs on an exchange have order books for every asset against the fiat currency based on the trade volume. Thus, a platform with higher slippage charges and spread for the traded assets has less liquidity.

Bitcoin brokers can provide assets without significant liquidity losses. And this means lower slippage fees and spread. Users can depend on one crypto broker trade to store assets and manage their portfolio. Thus, a trader doesn’t have to register with several exchanges.

The Bottom Line

Using a Bitcoin broker to trade can save you the headache of researching the market and finding the best crypto deals. Choose a reputable broker that provides lower fees and the best market rates to enjoy greater profitability.