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Europe’s largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT enters the Australian market

Europe’s largest crypto-exchange WhiteBIT continues to grow its business globally. The company has now joined the massive adoption of blockchain technology in Australia. By providing a secure and easy-to-use platform, WhiteBIT plans to significantly grow the cryptocurrency community in the Australian continent.

As part of a recent visit to Australia CEO Volodymyr Nosov visited three regions of the country, visiting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. A meeting was held with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Australia Vasiliy Miroshnichenko. Volodymyr Nosov also met with employees of Australian government agencies, regulators and representatives of the banking sector.

WhiteBIT has now opened an Australian office, which will be headed by Alexander Sirica. Previously, the new CEO of WhiteBIT Australia worked as WhiteBIT’s international business development manager. WhiteBIT Australia is already assembling a local team of specialists and like-minded people. WhiteBIT intends to establish a financial hub in Melbourne. Before this can happen, all necessary licences and registrations required for Australian operations will be applied for and obtained.

“Every day WhiteBIT cares about the financial freedom and well-being of our users around the world. The expansion of the company’s business, plans to develop the cryptocurrency community on the Australian continent is the next stage of our mission to massively spread blockchain technology in a global dimension. Australia is a country where 20-30% of investors have savings in cryptocurrency. In other words, Australians are at the forefront of global technological progress. That’s why we decided to start developing the company’s financial hub on the Australian continent. An additional reason was the support of the public sector, as well as the high level of hospitality and interest from Australian regulators and representatives of the banking industry”, – underlined Volodymyr Nosov.

Volodymyr Nosov, CEO of WhiteBIT

Proof of the rapid development of the crypto industry on the continent can be seen in the numerous industry events that attract the continued interest of crypto business representatives and their clients. An important event in the process of implementing WhiteBIT’s declared projects was its participation in fintech 21 conference, which took place this May at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The event is a discussion platform for the most active and innovative fintech and blockchain companies to meet the growing needs of the local crypto community.

The opening of WhiteBIT representative office in Australia was the next step after scaling the company’s business in European countries – Spain and Turkey, where the owners of the crypto exchange are also building a dialogue with the public sector, banking and telecommunications companies.

“In one year, WhiteBIT’s active audience has grown 20-fold. We expect that the industry’s most advanced methods and technologies, which we have implemented on our platform, will enable WhiteBIT to continue to rapidly expand the number of our customers around the world,” Volodymyr Nosov emphasized.

Every WhiteBIT crypto wallet and account is protected by two-factor authentication and anti-phishing programs. More than 96% of all currencies are stored on cold wallets (without using the Internet), WAF web application firewall is used to detect and block hacker attacks.

WhiteBIT is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. It meets all KYC and AML requirements.It is among the top 2 exchanges in the world in terms of security, based on an independent audit by Hacken and has an AAA rating. The WhiteBIT team unites 500 members.